The Black Tom Game

This is a game I have made based on the NogFruit game from Noggin the Nog.


I have split the board into 2 sections, with the pieces, so that it can be printed onto 2 A4 sheets. Click below for jpegs to download.

Left side of Board

Right side of board


After a fierce battle with the Badfort Crowd, Uncle has revenged himself by throwing their store of Black Tom into Gaby's Marsh. The Black Tom must be retrieved and brought back to Badfort.
Whoever brings back the most Black Tom wins.
Choose your Badfort character and set it on its corner-place. Throw the dice and the person with the highest number goes first.
You may move in any direction except back the way you came. If you land on a space with a jar of Black Tom on it you may buy the jar by paying the Scob Fish a penny and put it face-up on the table in front of you. (You can choose to collect one jar and take it home to Badfort castle and then come back for more or you can collect several jars and then take them all home. Once you have taken a jar home you turn it face down and it cannot be taken away). To reach home you must throw the exact number or go on past.
If you land on a red square take a card, do what it says and then put it face-down on the used card space. When all the cards are used, shuffle them and use them again. If you land on an orange circle collect 1p and keep it. 1 penny can be used to add 1 to the number thrown. (2 pennies add 2 etc). With 3 pennies you can buy a jar without having to land on a jar. If there are none on the board you can take one from the nearest player on your left who has one. Used pennies are put back on the board.
Players may stand on the same space and pass each other.