For some time I have been hoping to develop the Uncle books into an animated series. Uncle has the potential to appeal across all ages, in the same way that ‘Wallace and Grommit’ and classic ‘Magic Roundabout’ episodes do. Younger children will be entranced by the surreal fantasy of the adventures, while older children will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek conflict with the anarchic Badfort Crowd. There is great scope for gentle political satire between Uncle’s benign dictatorship and the Badfort Crowd’s ungracious egalitarianism, which will provide added entertainment value for the adult viewer.

When I first started the project, I made some models to help me market the idea. You can view these by clinking below.

Old Monkey


Beaver Hateman


I also did some tests to see how 3D animation might work -comping the model shots with backgrounds created in a 3D anination package.You can view these by clinking below.


Badfort 1

Badfort 2

I am not an animator, but I have produced a test animation which, although a little crude, gives some idea of the potential for an animated Uncle.

To see the test, just click on one of the two options below:-


I have also made a little flash promo for 'Uncle' which is a pastiche of the 'Trainspotting' titles - it can be found here

At the moment the quirky nature of the books has proven to be a bit of a stumbling block with a number of broadcasters so if you have enjoyed this dip into Uncle's World then tell other people about it and maybe we'll change their minds !