Beaver Hateman

The leader of the Badfort crowd. A thoroughly disreputable character. Jealous of Uncle's wealth they are always impugning his character and trying to discredit him. He claims Uncles fortune was built up on the profits from a stolen bicycle.

Nailrod Hateman and Sigismund Hateman

Beaver's equally anarchic brothers


A little coward, who carries skewers as weapons, and hates anyone to be prosperous. Chief Reporter of the Badfort News he is responsible for many scurrilous articles about Uncle. In his spare time he is developing his skills as an author by writing his 'hating' book.


He is one of the most objectionable of the Badfort crowd. He looks nearly as big as Uncle, but this is quite deceptive, as he consists of a shaking blue jelly and whenever he is about Uncle expects trouble.


The master spirit. Vague and misty, he is a sort of ghost. The other ghosts, of which there are many living at the haunted tower in Homeward, would have nothing to do with him and so he came to live in Badfort. He keeps in the background where he plans many successful outrages against Uncle.