The Old Monkey

Uncle's manservant - a faithful friend and helper. He looks after Uncle very well because Uncle once saved him from a mean old stepfather who tried to sell him for a quid.

Goodman the Cat

Goodman is much larger than most cats, and very playful, though he looks grave and thoughtful. He is very loyal to Uncle as he was exploited by his previous employer - the wizard Blenkinsop.


Once an enemy of Uncle's who constructed traps for him. However, that was a long time ago, and now all his skill is at Uncle's disposal, creating amazing inventions.

The One-Armed Badger

He is an excellent worker, everlastingly scrubbing things. He is trustworthy and good at carrying blankets, baskets of buttered biscuits, bottles of meat extract, etc. which can be very useful on expeditions and such like.

Butterskin Mute

The best farmer in the neighbourhood, supplies vegetables to Uncle. A little, smiling, man he sometimes wears spade boots. Boots with small spades attached for digging.

Alonzo S. Whitebeard

He is an old man who has the farm next to Mute's. He has long white whiskers down to his feet, and he is a great miser. He has a pound coin as big as a millstone. It's two feet thick, and almost six feet high, and therefore almost impossible, even for the Badfort crowd, to steal. At night he sits and looks at it.

Cloutman & Gubbins

Gubbins is a wonderful strong man. He always arrives with a very heavy trunk and the first thing he does is to rush up the big staircase, carrying his trunk balanced in one hand. Everyone likes to see him do it. Cloutman, on the other hand, cannot carry great weights, but he can strike terrible blows. One smack with his fist can make a lion stagger and fall. Uncle finds them very useful for subduing the Badfort crowd.

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